Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel
Today those who want to eliminate Israel by vilifying it and... the United States [do so] primarily on the college campuses. I think that speaking out, exposing this, fighting back is terribly important, and I am very excited about young, non-Jewish Americans, Christian Americans, coming to Israel. The experience of this program will be indelibly etched in their minds and in their hearts.

Jack Hayford
President, King's University
In the midst of a contentious ideological climate and the increasing pressure upon Israel and the Jewish people, I believe that a Christian's stance on Israel has become a litmus test for a sound moral and Biblical worldview. I see the identification and empowering of tomorrow's leaders as a critical need of the utmost importance, demanding our attention and resources.

Kay Arthur
Precept Ministries International
Israel finds itself on the forefront of the greatest moral crisis of our day. The Israel Experience program is educating and equipping tomorrow's leaders as effective ambassadors for Israel and Biblical values throughout the world.

Natan Sharansky
Former Member, Knesset
Today the common enemy which threatens the base of our civilization, to our Jewish and Christian values, to democracy and human rights, is extreme Islamic fundamentalism. Unfortunately our enemies are turning the campuses, American universities, the center of freedom, into centers of vicious attacks on Jews, on Israel, on Zionism, and on democracy... If you are ready to stand together with us, our Christian friends, it will be very important, it is very welcomed and we will be together fighting for our mutual values.

John Hagee
Christians United for Israel
The hour is late and the need is very great to raise up voices on the college campuses of this nation that can articulate our values. For Israel, for America, for our shared beliefs, it has never been a more important time to focus the brightest young minds on our true priorities. The Israel Experience is training tomorrow's Christian leaders to speak for truth today.

Daniel Ayalon
Former Ambassador of Israel, to the U.S.
I am encouraged by the Israel Experience College Scholarship Program and the difference it's making in the lives of Christian college students. Investing in the lives of future world leaders through education and first-hand experience is the single most important way by which we can secure a peaceful future for Israel and for all those who embrace democratic values.

Gilad Erdan
Member of Knesset
I have for years been vocal about the serious threat Radical Islam poses to the free world and am encouraged by the efforts being made by Robert Stearns and the Israel Experience program to educate Christian young people on this subject. This program is raising up educated ambassadors to take a stand for truth on campuses infected by lies and propaganda against Israel and our shared Judeo-Christian values.