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The Israel Experience College Scholarship program takes the best and brightest Christian students from around the world and brings them to Israel. This scholarship program allows emerging Christian leaders to understand Israel from a first-hand perspective and has been called the "Christian Birthright" by the Jerusalem Post. At the end of their time in Israel, students will:

  • Have a strong re-identification of the Jewish roots of their faith
  • Have a clear understanding of the Christian history of anti-Semitism
  • Know the history of the Shoah (the Holocaust)
  • Know the history of modern Zionism
  • Understand and be able to articulate the reality of the current Palestinian situation along with the Radical Islamic agenda as pertaining to the Judeo-Christian world population.

The long-term goals of this program are to identify, mobilize, train, and empower student leadership on college and university campuses around the world. Not only are these students leaders on their respective campuses, but they are the future leaders in world business, communication, medicine, politics, and religion as well. In the future, we envision this to be realized in several different ways:
  • Solidarity between Jewish and Christian students
  • Campus-wide student-led training events
  • Website and online community (discussion forums)
  • Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem campus rallies
  • On-campus Jewish/Christian dialogue events
  • Graduating students who are informed and empowered to fight existing anti-Semetic, anti-Western worldviews.